About Trinity Comfort, LLC

Christopher Groller Jr. owner of Trinity Comfort LLC

Trinity Comfort was a vision I had way back in 2000. I was working at a dead end job for 2 and a half years doing data entry for an insurance company. I knew there had to be some better way to fulfill my need of helping people. It was at that time that I decided to attend an open house at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. I decided that day that I wanted to do something in life that actually mattered to people. I was between becoming an electrician, a plumber and an HVAC guy. Heating and air conditioning is a great blend of all 3 of those trades and was ultimately what I decided on.

I ended up graduating from Thaddeus Stevens in 2003 at the top of my class and was awarded the highest G.P.A. award for the HVAC program. Since college I’ve worked for multiple HVAC companies throughout Chester, Berks, and Montgomery counties. I’ve seen the right way of doing things and I’ve seen the wrong way of doing things. I’ve seen in my 18 years of studying, interning, and working in the HVAC field that there is a wide array of business practices, technical and installation practices. It was with all that in mind that I decided it was my time to start my own business and do things the way I believe they should be done, a fine mix of everything I have seen and learned through the years with an emphasis on comfort and customer satisfaction.

Trinity Comfort, LLC has been established to do right by their customers, ethics, installation practices, and technical diagnoses shall be performed with the highest standards set personally by me, Christopher Groller Jr.